Galaxy Zoo: Mergers

This page contains links to files with data from the Galaxy Zoo: Mergers project. Galaxy Zoo: Mergers collected data on both simulations and images of merging galaxies using citizen science classifications from 2009-2012. This site includes files describing the interacting galaxy systems as well as sets of the simulation input parameters.

Full details on the Galaxy Zoo: Mergers project can be found in Holincheck et al. (2016). Please cite this paper if making use of any products on this site.


The Target Info file contains the coordinates (RA/dec) for the center of each galaxy in the pair, as well as a set of alternate names drawn from the Arp, NGC/IC, UGC, SDSS, and 2MASS catalogs. The Target SDSS file contains the id as well as the de-reddened magnitudes for the SDSS u, g, r, i, and z bands for both the primary and secondary of each target. Where available, both the DR7 and DR8 values are included.

The README file gives a detailed description of the schema for both the Target Info and Target SDSS files.

Target InfoTSVtarget_info.txt
Target SDSSTSVtarget_sdss_dr7_dr8.txt


For images of the individual systems of galaxy groups and interacting pairs in Galaxy Zoo: Mergers, as well as links to simulation parameters, see the Targets page.

Tables from the data release paper

There are two tables in the data release paper (Holincheck et al. 2016) that provide details about each target. Table 1 provides location and alias information. Table 4 provides summary information about the best-fit simulation parameters. They can be downloaded in tab-delimited files below. The information described in Table 5 can be found in the next section.

If you are interested in actually rerunning the best-fit simulations, click here.

Table 1TSVtable1.txt
Table 4TSVtable4.txt

Individual targets

These files contain all of the simulation parameter sets viewed by the Galaxy Zoo: Mergers volunteers. For the sets that were selected, their Merger Wars performance is also given. These are the parameters described in Table 5 of the data release paper (Holincheck et al. 2016). The Merger Wars information is separated from the result of the simulation info by a tab. All other columns are separated by commas.

Targets with either an 18- or 19-digit numerical identifier (such as 587722984435351614) are named according to their primary SDSS objIDs. The remaining galaxies are identified by their common names in the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED).

TargetSize (MB)Link
58772298443535161417.70 Link
58772423425713777718.78 Link
5877260338435851466.596 Link
5877271779265085957.881 Link
5877271789883883736.734 Link
5877272224711313186.988 Link
58772867686105107515.29 Link
58772922715170416041.41 Link
5877319131106509884.165 Link
5877321369938821216.217 Link
58773277213065223118.43 Link
5877330808145838635.927 Link
5877348626807528228.874 Link
58773504360932984535.65 Link
5877356658408817904.310 Link
5877365237643347067.069 Link
5877369419814666673.174 Link
5877385692463766754.805 Link
5877385692493907185.074 Link
5877391533560955318.495 Link
5877394078686904869.868 Link
5877395055415788666.065 Link
58773964674341279724.81 Link
5877396472848057254.738 Link
58773970742096706112.58 Link
58773972030881809511.23 Link
5877397213762028603.293 Link
58773972190016310112.90 Link
58773981049670864610.24 Link
5877398453935801927.122 Link
5877413915654227756.957 Link
58774153278436148113.92 Link
58774153440021711011.87 Link
5877416020300268251.721 Link
5877417228194939159.531 Link
5877418178516746546.116 Link
58774182965818169824.43 Link
5877420105839411895.294 Link
5877420143537029709.810 Link
58774257161024308014.36 Link
5877454020018176625.823 Link
58774602959631159029.34 Link
58774712052121615611.89 Link
58800700523053075017.64 Link
58801112411642275611.45 Link
58801338381690479213.80 Link
5880176046964080868.740 Link
58801760469640819512.29 Link
5880177029489623436.737 Link
5880179789015286124.390 Link
58801805513071032211.08 Link
75887429960322271726.25 Link
75887715360020894541.73 Link
Arp 1487.776 Link
Arp 2448.398 Link
Arp 2722.793 Link
Arp 27316.84 Link
CGCG 436-0306.374 Link
ESO 77-1412.06 Link
NGC 53311.524 Link
NGC 678659.01 Link

Citizen Scientist Contributors

Galaxy Zoo: Mergers would not have been possible without the help of more than 6,000 volunteer citizen scientist who classified simulations and participated in Merger Wars. A full list of those who contributed their time and effort are listed here.