This page makes available the results for individual systems studied in the Galaxy Zoo: Mergers project. The best-fitting simulation images are presented below with the corresponding target images in 12 groups.


The image below is a montage of thumbnails for all 62 targets. Move your mouse over the image to view the best-fit simulations. Click on the image to view an animated GIF that morphs back-and-forth between the two montages.

Target Groups

The results are presented by each target group below. Simply move your mouse over a target image to see the best-fit simulation image. Clicking on an image will take you to the page for that target group.

Target Group 1

Target Group 2

Target Group 3

Target Group 4

Target Group 5

Target Group 6

Target Group 7

Target Group 8

Target Group 9

Target Group 10

Target Group 11

Target Group 12